Arrival of cabinets

This particular Website chronicles my entire kitchen renovation coming from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, as well as I’m taking care of the rest.

If you’d like to be brought up to date, check out the archive inside sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about the flooring, as well as today…..the cabinets have arrived!!!

I was sooooooooo excited for the day the cabinets were to arrive. Since Greentea Design can be based in Toronto, I had only seen the cabinets on their website, as well as got a tiny sample (about 3 inches) sent to me inside mail to help with my countertop selection. Friday was the day….as well as in which turned out to be bright as well as early. There was a bit of chaos early in which morning as I scrambled to get some extra hands out to my house ASAP to help me unload the truck, although was quickly forgotten once I got a glimpse of the cabinets. The unloading only took about 20 minutes (once they got a system going in which was easy peasy). I wasn’t able to take photos of them being unloaded because in which was raining in which day. The first photo I managed to take was of all the cabinets stacked inside living room.

The cabinets were left there for the majority of the day because I wanted to get the walls as well as ceiling painted before getting the cabinets in place (turns out the walls weren’t ready as well as needed more sanding – although we found This particular out after 3 coats of paint as well as after the electrician got the potlights working). For several hours the cats had a ball climbing all over them.

WOW – they were packed so carefully. I worked for moving companies for a few summers during my university years as well as I have never seen anything packed like in which. For each cabinet there was styrofoam on the corners, then a box in which wrapped all the way around, then moving blankets wrapped as well as taped (with perfect corners, like how us women wrap presents), as well as then shrink-wrapped. in which was like Christmas morning unwrapping each piece. as well as not a scratch or mark on any piece. What a relief!

All of the cabinets were ready to go once unwrapped – the base cabinets had their sliding doors wrapped in foam as well as were placed inside along with the shelves, as well as the uppers had their shelves wrapped as well as placed inside also. So all we had to do carry them into the kitchen, place them against the wall as well as VOILA! Instant kitchen! in which was literally in which easy. Well, the uppers needed installing of course although because Greentea’s cabinets are freestanding, there can be definitely no installation required. My boyfriend as well as I had no problems moving each piece into place. While the cabinets are not made coming from extremely dense wood, they were not as heavy as we expected them to be. On in which note, they are VERY sturdy as well as their sturdiness made them very easy to handle.

Here are the first pieces we unwrapped, the pantry. Sorry the lighting can be poor although in which was into the evening before we were able to get to This particular stage.

Then we unwrapped the base cabinets as well as put them in their fresh homes. (I would likely typically ensure the drawers were closed before snapping photos although Phoebe had climbed into a drawer as well as I gave up trying to get her out).

There are the uppers – I considered glass doors although I’m definitely happy I went with This particular style to match the lowers. as well as I can put anything in them as well as not worry about in which having to look nice.

as well as This particular can be the beginnings of my fresh kitchen. *huge smile*

There has been some progress since in which last photo – although I’ll save in which for next time.
Arrival of cabinets