Awaiting the cabinets

This specific Website chronicles my entire kitchen renovation coming from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, in addition to also I’m taking care of the rest.

If you’d like to be brought up to date, check out the archive inside sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about more demolition in addition to also some of the progress with the walls going back up in addition to also plumbing/electrical. currently for some final sketches Greentea created for me in addition to also some decisions I’ve made.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cabinets – in addition to also today can be the big day! This specific can be about 2 weeks later than initially scheduled, yet when you they are coming coming from the some other side of the planet, you need to factor inside possibility of issues arising on their way over. The delay in my cabinets was due to the Olympics, as they were held up at a port due to extra security. Totally understandable. Then Greentea contacted me to let me know which my cabinets were arriving a bit earlier than anticipated in addition to also if they could be delivered on the 6th of This specific month. I panicked initially. I knew the construction in my kitchen might not be completed by the 6th in addition to also because my house can be so tiny, I might have nowhere to store the cabinets inside meantime. I asked them if the idea were possible for them to be delivered on the 14th instead, which might give my contractor in addition to also myself enough time to complete the space enough to be able to put the cabinets in place. (Turns out I am barely able to make This specific happen). The guys at Greentea were more than happy to hang on to the cabinets until I was ready to receive them. Unexpected things can happen yet they are able to work with their customers to solve issues like the timing of shipments in addition to also such. I am so grateful they were accomodating because my house might be in complete chaos otherwise. This specific has been such an awesome experience dealing with Greentea in addition to also I’ve got to give them props because of This specific. They couldn’t be nicer in addition to also I’m going to be very proud to have what I know will be a stunning kitchen.

Ok, enough of the warm in addition to also fuzzies. Mike, who’s a whiz at sketching up kitchens, sent me some final sketches of my kitchen in addition to also I was SO excited to see what the finished product will look like. the idea’s one thing to have an idea in your head yet to see the idea with all the finishing touches can be amazing. I love technology! Greentea’s ability to do sketches can be a fabulous feature which can be incredibly helpful for their clients, especially those who are fresh to renovations in addition to also designing a kitchen (like me). So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to what will be my fresh kitchen!

There are a couple items inside sketches which show some of my final choices to things I was unsure about. One being the dining table. Greentea had initially suggested their narrow Maru dining table:

the idea’s gorgeous wood (reclaimed woods coming from century-old Korean farmhouses), narrow (which I am having a hard time finding ANY narrow dining tables) in addition to also wood match the cabinets beautifully, yet because I like to mix up styles, I decided to go with something a little different. yet I can’t find anything. So my boyfriend did some googling in addition to also he thinks we can build a pretty decent table. My contractor can be getting a friend of his to cut in addition to also plane some planks of wood for us to use. the idea’ll be about 7 feet long in addition to also 2.5 feet wide. I’m not sure what to do about the legs yet maybe just some simple straight posts might do the trick. Then I want to paint the idea either white or grey. Things have been so crazy which we haven’t commenced This specific project yet. Unfortunately I only have 2 hands. Here can be an idea of what the idea will look like:

Nate Berkus Zege

I have also decided on a backsplash. Several people suggested using the same material as the countertop in addition to also I’ve decided which I actually like the simplicity of This specific in addition to also will keep me coming from losing my mind trying to chose tiles or something else. the idea will be about 3 or 4 inches high in addition to also run the full length of the base cabinets. When I went to the shop where I got my quartz to ask about This specific, I was told the idea wouldn’t be a problem, in addition to also the idea might cost about $250 installed. YAY! Sounds Great to me! Here are some examples:

Domino DFAO
Heather Jenkinson

Nicole Sassaman

Lastly, I posted the some other day about some purchases I made at the Third World Bazaar here in Ottawa. I think these will be a great start to accessorize the space (my living room as well).

Awaiting the cabinets