Backsplash, table as well as more decorating

This specific Website chronicles my entire kitchen renovation through start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, as well as I’m taking care of the rest.

If you’d like to be brought up to date, check out the archive inside sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about a few more completed items as well as some finishing touches, as well as right now for the backsplash, dining table as well as yet more decorating.

Last Friday the backsplash was installed. I was excited to not have to see the unfinished edge of the countertop finally, however the result was very disappointing. I decided to use the quartz of the countertop as well as have about a 4″ high piece installed along the back of the countertop. The guy that will installed This specific showed up as well as began bringing in these actually short pieces of the quartz which had me a tad confused. They were not the length of each cabinet section. Turns out there were 6 pieces, each one exactly half the length of each cabinet section. Meaning there was a seam down the center of section. Then I watched him silicone everything in place, as well as then tell me he was all done. I said “HUH? You aren’t going to fill in those seams??” He says nope, they just silicone backsplashes. ALLRIGHTY THEN. He left as well as I called the shop as well as was told that will they had told me they were going to use offcuts. I wasn’t told the whole story then if that will was the case. I said This specific looked totally unfinished as well as the seams weren’t filled in. Turns out inside brand-new year they will order a slab of the 3/4″ (which is actually what I had wanted however they didn’t have enough of so they used the 1 1/4″), as well as redo This specific. I can live with This specific for right now as well as expect to see a proper backsplash next month. So these photos show the seam, as well as hopefully one day soon I can show you what This specific SHOULD look like. (Luckily with the kitchen counters dressed, This specific’s not as noticeable).

NOTE (end of March 2009): I waited as well as waited as well as never heard through the countertop folks, Planet Granite. So I called, about 15 times over 2-3 weeks as well as finally spoke to the owner. I was told they’d have to wait until someone orders quartz, which hardly ever happens, as well as I think they expect me to pay more money for the strips to be cut inside correct lengths. This specific is actually right now the end of March as well as I still develop the same backsplash as inside photos below.

This specific’s just before Christmas as well as I finally have a dining table. This specific’s actually not completed yet however This specific’s useable as well as I’m very excited about that will. I can right now eat meals not hunched over my tiny marble table that will was WAY too short to eat at. Also, the kitchen was designed in order that will I could use This specific as a second office because the office at the back of the house is actually cold inside winter as well as I wanted to be able to work at the dining table as well as watch the TV inside living room. My contractor built This specific, as well as suggested a pedestal base, which was a BRILLIANT idea because you don’t see legs through the living room as well as the top looks like This specific’s floating. This specific still needs a couple pieces to make This specific more sturdy because This specific’s quite tippy right right now, especially when the porkier of the cats jump through the counter onto This specific. YIKES! (I should mention as I’m sure some will notice, that will the table is actually warped. My contractor made This specific in a hurry as well as then brought This specific over as well as This specific warped quite a bit inside cold/heat. As a result he won’t charge me for This specific…however I’ll give him something because This specific is actually usable).

I decided to do something on the wall to the right of the stove. I installed one of my stainless shelves I had used in my last house, as well as then tried a couple pieces of art. I actually wanted to use the African (?) painting I got at a flea market for a few bucks, however I think This specific’s too big. I snatched one of my Tretchikoff prints through my chick wall as well as tried her as well as I think smaller is actually better. If you guys have any ideas or want to let me know which you prefer, I welcome your feedback.

I love the marble table I was using as a temporary dining table (This specific used to be inside corner of the living room), so I thought about trying This specific under the window between the living room as well as kitchen. The cats love This specific there so they can perch as well as look outside. Underneath This specific is actually Cheeks’ favourite spot because there is actually a furnace vent there as well as he’s obsessed with heat.

The hatch is actually right now working with some shocks or whatever they are that will my boyfriend ordered through a car parts shop. This specific works like a DREAM. I may use his camera one day to film a little video of This specific in action. LOVE This specific.

The different day I went to a local Asian as well as mid century shop to look for items for the kitchen as well as living room as well as picked up a coffee table, tiny cabinet, lantern, mini bench as well as dried flowers. Just enough to spice things up around here.

Thought I’d add a few photos of how the kitchen looks right now. Love This specific. Cannot tell you how much. A dream come true. Just in time for Christmas. as well as happy holidays to everyone who has followed along in This specific process with me.

Backsplash, table as well as more decorating