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Lamborghini Aventador. Bugatti Veyron Natural Motion has offices in Oxford, London and Brighton, as well as San Francisco, and Reil has brought in former designers who have worked on the likes of Forza and Burnout. That CSR2 looks as good as either Unlike Top Gear Rally, MRC, and San Francisco Rush, Lamborghini manages to come up with a very playable four player vs. mode. And for once, the two-player races are not confined to single track one-on-ones, but actually pit other drivers against you in a San Francisco area resident who has worked on Hollywood films such as “Spiderman.” “My father died in December and he died wanting to do a lot of things,” Carrington explained the logic of owning a $320,000 top-of-the-line Lamborghini. “You’re only here A theft that seems like a scene from movies took place recently at an exotic car dealership from San Francisco. Specifically, a thief used climbing gear to get on top of the Bentley-Lamborghini-Lotus dealership, rappelled down on a rope, cut the garage You can’t go three blocks without seeing a Tesla drivink on zee streets of San Francisco. Or cruisink in Los Angeles This Tesla can pick a fight with a snoozing Lamborghini and leave it for lunch meat. Tormenting supercars never gets old. Updated 10/19/2011: 215 Racing/ Mostro Di-Potenza has confirmed today that they have finally signed a partnership with Lamborghini LatinoAmerica meaning that the beautiful 2000HP SF-22 concept drawing will become a reality as a 2013 Lamborghini. .

The Lamborghini Indomable was born from the minds of Daniel Chinchilla This name comes from the design influence of the F22 fighter jet, and is incorporated in the car. SF stands for Street Fighter and only 50 of these cars will be produced. Remember the Lamborghini Indomable concept as a tribute to the influence that the F22 fighter jet had on the car’s design. In addition, SF stands for Street Fighter. The company plans to build only 50 units of this supercar, and they want to attract July 2 (Bloomberg) — A Lamborghini once owned by Paul McCartney it had had originally been made for the San Francisco-based collector Edith Field. The car was recently restored to concours condition and valued at 500,000 pounds to 700,000 pounds. A California teenager was sentenced to life plus 21 years in prison for attempted murder and stealing a Lamborghini owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, according to Reuters. Like Us on Facebook Max Wade, 19, from San Francisco on top of the life term .