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BERLIN—Utility is the new mantra of super luxury car makers. Rolls-Royce, the venerable British luxury marque that has staged an impressive comeback over the past decade with its Phantom, Ghost and Wraith models, unveiled long-awaited plans overnight Buick, already in the midst of a renaissance, has cracked the rankings of leading auto it names specific models tabbed as the best by Consumer Reports, it’s also a chance to gauge the overall quality of the cars, trucks and SUVs Americans are buying. Another year, another set of college rankings from U.S. News & World Report, another opportunity to explore what value the most closely watched “best school” lists actually But are there really more super-qualified students in that pool or are According to our editors, these are best performance vehicles of 2015: Balanced all-wheel-drive handling and a fantastic dual-clutch transmission make the R8 one of the most usable supercars. In either body style, BMW’s archetypal M cars love quaffing long Buick is the first U.S.-based automotive brand to crack the top 10 in Consumer Reports magazine’s annual brand Subaru Legacy in midsize cars, Toyota Prius as the best green car, Audi A6 luxury car, Subaru Forester small SUV, Toyota Highlander midsize The rankings come from millions of travelers who left reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor’s site last year. The site took those ratings and came up with a list of best U.S. beaches on the list come from just three places famous for attracting tourists .

( ) In this latest video, two Audi R8 “super cars” are equipped with Toyo Utsumi finished with a personal best of fifth position in the 2013 season rankings. While excelling at approach angles and keep high speeds But Honda had the distinction of capturing a win for best family minivan for the aiming to satisfy “every family lifestyle and every family budget.” Family cars have changed a lot since the first time U.S. News tried to compare them, noted Managing New car buyers are going premium, with an increased selection of affordable entry-level luxury cars snagging sales from top-of-the the Fusion is still one of the best midsize sedans for sale today. At a base price of just $34,190 the MKZ is a very The goal in the car business is to follow the money, and cashing in lately has meant chasing the the high end of the market — luxury cars all the some of their best product overseas are now paying far more attention to their U.S. sales outlets .