Cabinet detail

This kind of Website chronicles my entire kitchen renovation by start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, as well as I’m taking care of the rest.

If you’d like to be brought up to date, check out the archive inside sidebar for previous posts. In This kind of post I will show you sketches of the cabinets I chose, what my cabinets cost, as well as the process involved with ordering kitchen cabinets by Greentea.

In my last post I showed some of the sketches Greentea created to demonstrate how my kitchen will look. Here is usually one for a recap.

I thought I might show the sketches which were designed by Greentea which include the dimensions of each cabinet ordered for my completely new kitchen. This kind of first one is usually the base cabinet which will be next to the fridge. I love the item because Mike suggested instead of having 3 drawers the same size, which the drawer on the left be 3 smaller drawers for take out menus, chopsticks etc. The cost of This kind of cabinet is usually $1200.

Next is usually the base cabinet which will be on either side of the stove. I love the originality of the Japanese style sliding doors inside base cabinets. I can’t wait to try those out. The cabinet to the right of the stove will have a bit of an overhang on the right side since which side will be visible by the living room. The cost of This kind of cabinet is usually $1400 (x2).

The upper cabinets are solid doors which match the lowers. Greentea suggested 4 doors, with the ones on the end being the same size. I’m excited to see how cute the hinges look. The cost of these cabinets is usually $3000.

I don’t have a sketch of the pantry cabinet since the item is usually a freestanding piece of furniture as well as can just be placed against the wall, nevertheless I found a great image on Greentea’s website of the item with some dimensions included. The cost of the pantry is usually $2750.

in order which’s the details of the cabinets. I think the cost is usually great for the product, the total being $10,675 including $925 for shipping. For solid wood cabinets, made of Ginko wood – they’re like pieces of furniture. Well, they are actually, since they’re freestanding. I thought I’d show a copy of what a quote by Greentea looks like. Below is usually the one they sent me.

A normal quote wouldn’t have “See drawings” which refers to the sketches since the quote usually comes before the drawings. The whole process which Greentea follows with their customers was a bit different than what they followed with my kitchen project. We did a lot of designing as well as they produced some rough sketches before we finalized the order to help decide on the extent of the project. We made some adjustments to the final plans, as well as usually a customer might figure out a bit more precisely what to get before sketches might be done. They have a brand completely new section on their website to show the process they follow with customers. Check out their kitchen design page here. the item’s so informative for completely new customers like me who aren’t sure how to go about getting a kitchen by Greentea, as well as they’ve incorporated detailed slideshows of 4 kitchens, including a completely new open concept kitchen design I hadn’t seen before. I love which the item shows photos of each cabinet inside space, as well as a sketch of each piece with prices.

Since I had sketches done early on inside process when deciding what cabinets to choose, I found which actually helpful to visualize what the space might look like. Since they don’t usually do This kind of until after the cabinets are ordered (which also makes sense so they don’t end up doing a bunch of work for potential customers who then turn around as well as decide not to get cabinets by them), I think which a quick sketch early on may help seal the deal. which’s my 2 cents regarding the process they follow. Greentea might love some feedback, particularly on their design process so please feel free to direct some comments their way.

Stay tuned This kind of week the beginning of posts about all sorts of purchases I’ve made for lighting, appliances, sink etc. for the completely new kitchen.
Cabinet detail