Canvas Acrylic Painting Ideas

hosts a workshop, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., “New Style Acrylic Painting on Textured Canvas,” instructed by The library will supply a large amount of LEGOs and ideas about what can be created. The Casper Planetarium hosts a day of fun from 2 to 4 p.m. for The exhibit will feature traditional media such as watercolor, drawing, oil and acrylic with ideas coming all the time. “Sometimes something will drop out of the sky,” he said. “When I get a good momentum, I have 16-hour days. I try to paint Gillian Song says she began painting “seriously” after the birth of her third child As a painter, she’s comfortable with oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel. As a printmaker, she’s tackled etching, lithography and woodcuts. She layers a mean collage. At the front of the room propped up on an easel, Aldrich’s rendition of tonight’s painting, “Sunset Drift,” (an acrylic version of two lazy sailboats But as the wine flowed, ideas of perfection and coloring between the lines were abandoned The ideas just flowed into your head Participants will be given the opportunity to make a small, mixed media acrylic painting. Janet has created a setting where you will be successful. She says, “Each participant will be provided with a small The Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs has a cool way for would be artists to get creative with one-evening, three-hour classes in pottery, fused-glass and painting that let you as you design and melt your ideas into form! The Centers for the Arts .

Brighten up winter with an acrylic will learn painting techniques including stippling and sponging for background effects to accent simple theme such as nature, animals, sports or music. All supplies are provided. Just bring your theme ideas. Today Dani is sharing three terrific painting projects with you. Enjoy! This is such a thrill for me to step out of my life as a full-time mom for a moment and share some painting ideas Abstract #3: Comb Lines You will need a blank canvas, acrylic Students will recreate a work of art based on the style of Monet, Cezanne and Picasso using mixed-media techniques such as collage, acrylic & watercolor painting Mixed media artists will be available for ideas, suggestions and questions. me. Letting my ideas flow out of me onto my face, without a care in the world.’ The moment her husband, ‘the love of my life’, leaves for work each day, she rushes upstairs to get face-painting. False-eyelashes, coloured contact lenses and sequins are just .