Cardboard Craft , make your beautiful bag from Corrugated Paper

Cardboard is an item that is commonly used as a packing material to protect or a product for distribution from producer to consumer . Cartons are made from basic materials such as paper that can be easily damaged . Even so , the waste generated from the cardboard still cause problems that can interfere with the beauty and cleanliness of the environment .

Cardboard trash can actually be recovered optimally . Cartons that are no longer used in the process can be recycled back to the way later made ​​into a craft that has a sale value . One example is the beautiful crafts such as handbags made ​​of cardboard .

Making crafts out of used cardboard actually has several objectives , including the use of waste or garbage that has no benefit into useful objects . Developing creativity by making crafts from cardboard . To take advantage of used cardboard into useful goods