Don't let the cute pink cabinets fool you

So I’ve shown you all my horrible to slightly less horrible kitchen in which I will be renovating, as well as next I thought I’d show you the structure ideas I had for the brand new kitchen. Here’s a photo to recap what the kitchen looks like currently:

I’ve done a rough drawing of the structure to make the item clearer where everything will be located. (Sorry yet I don’t know how to use software to do This kind of so you’ll have to bear with my lovely drawings).

As you can see, This kind of kitchen will be definitely definitely badly designed. Or not designed as I see the item. as well as the craftsmanship everywhere will be AWFUL. The cabinets are made of solid wood (MDF?) – so the drawers are heavy as well as are a total pain to open as well as close. Half of the magnet latches to keep the doors closed are missing. The little built-in china cupboard with glass doors got a serious chuckle via my contractor. He thinks they are bifold closet doors made into cabinet doors. The island was made with scraps of tongue as well as groove paneling as well as bits of trim, as well as was initially left unpainted/unstained. There was an ugly square table in which was built at the end of the island in which I ripped off as well as tossed the day I moved in, in which came with 2 cheap wooden chairs in which I also tossed. The cabinet over the island will be a pain to get into because you have to lean over the island to see into the item. generating sure in which’s the cabinets in a nutshell.

Then there’s the worst tile job EVER on the floor. Seriously, I burst out laughing when I first saw the kitchen floor. The tiles are ugly to begin with, as well as the grout will be much darker than the tile colour which makes them look definitely dirty. When they were grouted, the excess was not wiped off so there’s grout everywhere. To make things worse, the person in which laid them must have been drunk because there will be not one straight line.

The appliances – UGH. The stove will be not bad, yet the elements take a long time to heat up. as well as the item’s cheap. The fridge will be just in which – a fridge. There will be no freezer within the item. as well as I am the only one in which lives here. So the item’s HUGE. There will be a big chest freezer within the basement so when I want ice in my drink, I have to go down there to get the item (so I stopped using ice). If I am by the sink or stove, I have to walk around the dining table to get to the fridge – in which has to be the most annoying thing about the space. The dishwasher, housed within the island, makes a total racket when the item’s running.

The lighting will be terrible. I have a ceiling fan with lights over the table, as well as in which’s the item. I had to put a lamp on the counter near the stove because the item’s too dark when I’m cooking. There was a hood fan over the stove having a light yet the item was mounted so low I couldn’t see what I was cooking. I tossed in which after the third time I smucked my head on the item.

generating sure in which’s what I’ve been dealing with since December. You can imagine how elated I was to learn all This kind of can go in a big dumpster…as well as SOON!

When I first began daydreaming about a brand new kitchen, I had figured I would certainly go to Ikea, get some glossy white cabinets, as well as keep the structure basically as the item will be, galley style. The wall the fridge will be on would certainly come down, opening the item up to the living room, as well as the dining table would certainly be between the island as well as the living room. yet then I got word in which I would certainly be getting Greentea’s gorgeous solid wood kitchen cabinets as well as I knew galley style wouldn’t work. Their beauty would certainly be for the most part hidden so I knew I had to come up having a different structure to expose them more. I knew the wall had to come down to open up the tiny space, as well as since I have 3 doors on the main floor in which open outside, I thought I could seal up the door next to the island. So with in which, an L shape structure seemed to work. This kind of will be the first drawing I sent to the guys at Greentea, with the door gone, the wall gone, as well as an L shape design (rotate This kind of 180 degrees to get the same angle as the drawing above).

This kind of will be not the final design I ended up choosing, yet I thought I’d reveal in which with my next post, as well as show you the cabinets I decided on. I’d like to take This kind of opportunity to get your opinions, as well as see what you guys would certainly do with the brand new kitchen structure. Do you favour uppers? No uppers? would certainly you have done the item galley-style? Greentea incorporates a fantastic kitchen guide in which helped me immensely – be sure to check the item out, especially if you’re looking to give suggestions.
Don't let the cute pink cabinets fool you