Emptying out the old kitchen

This specific Website chronicles my entire kitchen renovation coming from start to finish. Greentea Design has provided me with their solid wood kitchen cabinets, in addition to also also I’m taking care of the rest.

If you’d like to be brought up to date, check out the archive inside sidebar for previous posts. I posted recently about the beginnings of the demolition phase in addition to also also my flooring dilemma, in addition to also also currently for lots more demolition.

There’s been alot of work going on at my house, in addition to also also This specific being my first renovation, I am realizing how tough the item is usually to have your home in complete reno chaos. This specific is usually one of the first times I’ve ever wished I had fewer cats. although I’m coping in addition to also also praying things will be done in a timely fashion. I’ve got all fingers in addition to also also toes crossed on in which one.

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend in addition to also also I began taking down all the old cabinets inside kitchen. As sad as I was to see the pink go, the item felt truly Great to have at them that has a crowbar. I thought I’d show you a sequence of photos of the work we did in preparation for my contractor’s arrival. One weekend we began by removing the island (in which housed the dishwasher), the wall cabinet above the item, in addition to also also the built-in china cabinet.

Here is usually the island with the dishwasher removed.

I am totally dumbfounded by the poor craftsmanship of so many things around my house – This specific island being one of them. This specific is usually what the Internal of the item looked like (with the door removed). in addition to also also I will spare you the horror of what we found underneath the island once the item was taken apart.

This specific photo is usually the island in addition to also also the cabinet above the item removed. the item was a very revealing process as the island was built recently by a former owner in addition to also also the cabinet on the wall above the item was there probably since the house was built. The island came apart with 2 whacks of a crowbar. The cabinet above took about 20 minutes.

These next photos are the china cabinet before in addition to also also after the item was removed. Gotta love the brick wallpaper we found behind the item.

Kitchen sans island in addition to also also china cabinet viewed coming from the living room.

During This specific process we also removed the side porch roof since the door the item was located over is usually being sealed up. the item was HEAVY in addition to also also was added to the pile of garbage on the driveway. Here is usually the garbage pile as the item was about 2 weeks ago, in addition to also also the item has since almost doubled in size.

The next weekend we began on the rest of the cabinets in addition to also also the tile floor. Here are the cabinets, with the pink doors removed.

Upon removal of the base cabinets, we discovered some old vinyl/linoleum.

Finally, we managed to get all of the cabinets down. We discovered wood paneling in behind – in addition to also also later learned the item was used in parts of the ceiling in addition to also also along the lower walls.

After several hours of hard HARD work, we took up all the tiles. This specific may have been my favourite part, because as I’ve mentionned in past posts, these tiles were ugly, crooked in addition to also also not cleaned up after having been grouted.

My contractor has done some work This specific past week, so I will show you some of in which in an upcoming post. One last minute decision I made while he was finishing up the demolition has me SO excited as the item has made a huge improvement inside space. I’ll share in which next time as well so stay tuned. 🙂
Emptying out the old kitchen