examples of the craft of banana good and interesting

Sample Results From Banana Crafts and Tips on How to Make – Currently, many handmade items made from unusual items (junk), as well as the craft of banana, a lot of unique objects that you can create of dried banana base material, one of which is a woman’s purse, sandals, pencil, painting and place a tissue.

How to make handicraft items like the above is not difficult, you just need the initial design objects for what you want, and that certainly dried banana leaves and other materials as pendulung.

Tips on how to make crafts from banana:

1. Sheaths banana is a good banana cult which itself dry, so it does not require additional drying and just enough aerated.
2. Sheaths bananas do not need to be given additional paint or dye that colors typical banana is not lost.
3. Varnish or you can add other ingredients to polish handicrafts can be long lasting as well.

bag from bananas good

sandals example from bananas good