Paper Craft for kids ideas printable

Handicrafts of bottles this time can add to the collection pencil baby, you know. Do not rush to throw bottles that are around yes, because Moms can turn these bottles into useful goods for storing stationery children. Moms and baby can make a pencil holder of a used shampoo bottle. Unique right? Peek ingredients and how to make it go ahead!
craft for kids

Former shampoo bottle
knife Cutter
double-sided tape
Black and white paper

How to make crafts bottles:
1. Cut the shampoo bottle into two parts
2. Take the top of the bottle, then cut into the shape of a hand
3. Glue the two pieces of hand on the right side and the left-bottom bottles
4. Cut the black paper and white paper into the shape of the eyes and mouth in accordance creations baby
5. Next, attach the eyes and mouth in a bottle
6. Attach double-sided tape on the back of the bottle, and then paste in the table to learn baby

craft for preschool

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