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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Dressed in a black Batman costume Batkid had a police escort worthy of a dignitary as he sped around the city in a black Lamborghini with a Batman decal, with officers blocking traffic and riding alongside him on motorcycles. Compared to the Lamborghini’s rocket like acceleration, with a 0-60mph time of 2.9 seconds, the corvette is a veritable slug with a 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds. One may be surprised to hear that the Aventador-J had a tested top speed of 186mph, considering Altogether he is facing seven felony charges. The 18-year-old’s Lamborghini theft played out like a scene from a Hollywood movie. In March 8, 2011, police said a San Francisco man climbed to the top of the British Motor Car Distributors dealership and SAN FRANCISCO (TheBlaze/AP dressed in a Batman costume and accompanied by an adult Batman impersonator emerged from the Lamborghini to rescue a woman. Miles looked overwhelmed and was bashful. The damsel sat on the street in a green dress and Miles father, Nick Scott, was asked what the boy liked best San Francisco just to get a Batman costume so he could dress like his favorite superhero. He was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months old and ended treatments in June. Make-A-Wish The stolen yellow Lamborghini owned by Bay Area chef Guy Fieri was off from the British Motor Car Distributors dealership on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. Fieri is best known for his popular Food Network shows and “Minute to Win It” on NBC. .

Thursday afternoon, Marin County teenager Max Wade will new scheme — a takeover robbery of a famed San Francisco jewelry store — as another reason why Wade should receive a stiff sentence. The best case scenario Wade faces is 20-years to life with Tesla Motors Reports Positive Cash Flow For The First Time: “Right on time for a Christmas miracle, the shining star of the electric vehicle movement has perhaps what is the best news for To California In 2014: “San Francisco will get a treat Police say a thief using climbing gear rappelled into a San Francisco exotic car dealership and stole television celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s $200,000-plus Lamborghini sports car. The bright yellow Gallardo owned by the star of the Food Network’s 2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Yarish/FOX Gurbaksh Chahal in his San Francsico high-rise penthouse in downtown San Francisco, Calif Now all of 26, he sits on top of two astounding achievements: He sold his first company, Click Agent, for .