Steps to Make Origami Flowers and Leaves

Origami Flowers and leaves are made from 2 paper size. Flowers used for paper size 1/4 the size of the size of paper used by the leaves.
In the picture the steps to make origami flowers and leaves will be shown two distinct steps, namely flowers and leaves.

Origami Flowers and leaves

Steps to make origami flowers:
1,2,3,4,5 steps Fold origami paper that has been prepared by using Basic Preliminary Fold, the colored part of the paper placed inside.
Next is the 6th step is to fold the square side of the center line / diagobal field. Do to the four sides of the square.
Step 7 is a Drag in the direction of the arrow in Fig no. 7 heading into the taper section. so that the flowers will open.
Steps to make origami leaves:
Prepare a piece of paper the size of 4 larger than for paper flowers. Fold into a triangle shape, so it will get the center line
Fold 2 sides to the center line which has been in the form no.1 in stages, so that would be obtained Kite Base Fold
Step 3 fold the opposite side of the center line remains at its base.
Step 4 fold the ends slightly, as shown drawn.
Further pictures can be arranged such.
Use thin paper with a strong character.